The direct selling industry has been drawing aspiring entrepreneurs from all walks of life for over 120 years. The steady growth in yearly global sales figures show what a powerful industry it is, relying solely on word-of-mouth promotion, peer-to-peer sales, and network building.

For generating an estimated USD 183 billion dollars in sales in 2016, it’s sometimes hard to believe that direct selling is, for so many people, only their part-time business, or a complementary business to an entrepreneur’s other business pursuits.

But the face of the industry has evolved with the generation of millennials who are driven by the concept of social entrepreneurship, extremely passionate about making a difference, and fond of the idea of freeing themselves from the 9-to-5 work lifestyle to achieve financial freedom. This has made the direct selling industry one of the greatest solutions to harness that power and passion.

Becoming an entrepreneur through the direct selling industry is quite different from traditional business — it’s a lot more engaging. It’s a great opportunity to run a profitable business on a global platform, but it’s also a great way to connect with like-minded individuals, uplift people, and build lasting and rewarding relationships.

QNET, for the longest time, has demonstrated qualities and core values that resonate with millennials who are the most connected, most savvy generation to-date. This is the strategic advantage QNET has because creating a business today is as simple as using your smartphone to do so through our evolving e-commerce platform, and the brand new QNET Mobile App, that provides our distributors with the right tools to expand their business.

QNET also understands that the key to success in direct selling, as in any other business, lies in seeking out and listening to other people who are successful, learning their techniques, and incorporating them into your own business; and for this we provide regular professional and personal development, product training and events to help hard-working individuals build their own connections, convert prospects, and financially prosper.

To me, those who have at least attempted to become an entrepreneur deserve respect. It’s hard to step out of the crowd to build something from scratch; the large is large and entrepreneurs square measure continuously bombarded with self-sabotaging ‘what if’ questions.

QNET has joined forces with Direct Selling Associations and other respected organisations in the industry to make this part of their journey a little less difficult, and to show our commitment to their success. Being able to rise above all the challenges that come with running a business is already something to be proud of, but we all know it takes far more than that to succeed. Good health and over-all wellness is key to becoming a successful entrepreneur and QNET continues to provide its Independent Representatives and customers with quality-assured products for everything you need for sustained health and wellness.

Our products will ensure that what you put into your body and mind optimizes your physical and mental well-being to help you transform your life and the lives of those around you. FOR 20 YEARS, WE HAVE SUCCESSFULLY EMPOWERED ENTREPRENEURS THROUGH ALL THESE EFFORTS IN OVER 100 COUNTRIES, AND WE WILL CONTINUE TO DO SO FOR DECADES TO COME.


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