How to signup with Qnet?

It is the time to think about your future and build your own business instead of waiting for someone to hire you or being an employee with low salary.

How to sign up with qnet and make money?

  1. Go for Qnet website :

    In this step you need to visit Qnet website in order to go ahead for sign up and representing Qnet regardless to the country you live in. Since there is an ability to work from all around the world.

  2. Press Enroll

    Here you would write your referral number and the country you came from. If there is no referral for you so use this referral and we would help you. Referral Number is: HG228402 which would lead you for signing up with Qnet.

  3. Add refferal number and country

    This is the main stetp for being an IR (independent Representative) with Qnet company. You can use this ID for starting : HG228402
    After that choose your country you will work in in order to proceed with the next steps.

  4. Fill up the application

    Start writing your own personal information and write all your details. And be honest in writing since these information would be critical to communicate with the company in future.

  5. Paying regerstering fees

    After filling the application with your personal details you need to pay 30 USD or it might be differ regarding to the country you are working in. They payment could be done through visa or through a transfer. Feel free at this step to contact us for guiding you and give you more information.

  6. Getting signup invoice

    After paying your registering fees you will get an email with your own ID number and the annual fees receipt.

Qnet is a direct selling company which based in Malaysia and has an international offices areound the world. Qent teams are covering all around the world. Check this article which we think it might be useful since it raises up a question like is Qnet genuine company ?

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