QNET has spent the last two decades developing a global presence with millions of satisfied customers and distributors around the world. Our products and services are available to customers in more than 100 countries around the world. Our community of Independent Representatives span Asia to Middle East to Africa and Europe.

In fact, QNET has the distinction of being the first Asian direct selling company to have pioneered the industry in many of our key markets.

As the company’s business continues to grow globally, QNET is actively localizing operations in various countries to meet growing demand and to better serve the need of distributors in emerging markets.

Localized operations provide tailored on-ground support, after-sales service, unique products customised for the market, and transactions in the local currency.

Additionally, in many key markets, QNET has partnered with local entities to establish an agency representation for the company. These agencies serve as support centres for our distributors in that country.

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