FTSE 100 index – FTSE 250 index

FTSE index types 

There are Various Indices which represent different segments in the UK stock market.

The FTSE indexes include the following:

FTSE 100 index

FTSE 250 index

FTSE 350 index

FTSE Small Cap Index

FTSE Fledging Index

FTSE Summary

As it is known that the LSE is the most important equity market in the world so the UK stock need an index to show the market performance.

FTSE market overview

The FTSE is a group that commonly termed as “footsie”. The (LSE) London Stock Exchange and Financial Times of London created it in 1984 to comprise the listed companies including the blue-Chip companies and other companies.

FTSE abbreviation

FTSE (Financial Times Stock Exchange) 

FTSE chart example